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Financial Literacy

Over the years the Missouri Society of CPAs (MOCPA) has received numerous inquiries from individuals and members about creating educational content on various topics pertaining to basic matters of personal finance. Unfortunately, basic financial literacy is no longer taught in most high schools and colleges. In addition, many parents are not aware of many of the basic concepts of personal finance either. To help fill this vacuum, MOCPA has formed a task force to address this issue. Their charge is to create educational material to provide basic financial literacy for the many individuals who may not have the need to create a sophisticated financial plan but are just looking for some guidance to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives.

The material created by the task force will be made available in module format and housed on MOCPA’s website for the use of all individuals free of charge. Also, the material will be available for the use of members and member firms for the education of their team members and clients. In addition, MOCPA will make this information available to educators and businesses to assist them in providing basic financial literacy education to students, faculty, and company employees.

Financial Literacy--General Resources

Financial Literacy for Young Professionals--PowerPoint, Calculator Worksheets, and Videos

MOCPA’s financial literacy program and the resources on this website are here to help you, wherever you may be on your financial journey. Your input is important in keeping this material up to date and relevant, so please send us your comments. If you would like to start a conversation or for any questions about scheduling a presentation for your company, business, or university please contact Andrew Grow at