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Political Action Committee

MO CPA-PAC is a separate, segregated fund established by the Missouri Society of CPAs. Voluntary contributions made to the MO CPA-PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. MO CPA-PAC is not affiliated with any political party.

What is the MO CPA-PAC?

The MO CPA-PAC is MOCPA's member-managed, member-driven, and member-focused political action committee. The MO CPA-PAC is dedicated to:

  • Preserving and furthering the free enterprise system;
  • Strengthening the American economic system;
  • Encouraging and promoting well-qualified persons to seek state public office and to become elected; and
  • Protecting and advancing the CPA profession.

Why does the MO CPA-PAC exist?

  • The Missouri Society of CPAs competes in the legislative arena with other organizations that have political action committees. As long as organizations with interests adverse to those of MOCPA members have PACs, MOCPA needs one, too.
  • State candidates who will advocate for issues that affect the profession and are pro-business need our financial support to get elected.

Why should I contribute?

  • Your contribution ensures the profession's voice at the Capitol remains strong.
  • You can help elected officials remain informed about legislation that can impact the profession.
  • The MO CPA-PAC can contribute to a significant number of pro-business candidates.
  • By pooling your political contributions with other MOCPA members, you receive a greater return on your investment.

I already pay MOCPA dues. Why should I also contribute to the MO CPA-PAC?

Election laws prohibit the use of membership dues for contributions to political candidates.

I already contribute to the candidate and party of my choice. Why should I also contribute to the MO CPA-PAC?

Individual contributions are encouraged, but the MO CPA-PAC provides the opportunity to have a statewide impact on the election of candidates who can steer legislation that affects the profession and business.

How does my PAC investment affect my bottom line?

  • The profession is directly affected by lawmakers' decisions in areas related to professional licensing.
  • Government policy not only affects your business, it impacts your clients and customers.

Who directs the MO CPA-PAC?

The MO CPA-PAC is a member-driven committee that operates under the direction of a board of trustees, all of whom are MOCPA members.

Who decides how MO CPA-PAC funds are spent?

The MO CPA-PAC Board of Trustees and MOCPA lobbyists.

What factors are considered for MO CPA-PAC support of a candidate?

  • Recommendations from the MO CPA-PAC trustees;
  • Candidates who share ideals of the CPA profession;
  • The candidate's voting record on issues of importance to Missouri CPAs;
  • The candidate's willingness to support the profession and business issues; and
  • The likelihood of a successful campaign.

If you have additional questions about MO CPA-PAC, please contact Jim O'Hallaron at (800) 264-7966 or