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University Initiatives

The Missouri Society of CPAs has been working collaboratively with CPA employers, accounting students, and universities to ensure that future hires are well equipped to enter the workforce. As part of these efforts, over the past few years, MOCPA has:

  • Hosted a summit for educators and business leaders to openly discuss the challenges firms and companies are experiencing with new hires, and to learn from educators the best ways company leaders can help them prepare future accounting graduates;
  • Provided thousands of dollars in scholarships to top accounting students each year;
  • Been invited to participate on the advisory boards of the largest accounting schools in the state, so the society can better understand the issues at each school and determine ways for the society and its members to serve as a resource;
  • Established the society's first two named faculty scholars, which has allowed more students to major in accounting;
  • Hosted a specialized learning track for educators at the MOCPA Annual Members Convention;
  • Sent members to student events on the society's behalf, such as meeting with students at career fairs, speaking in classrooms and serving as mentors; and
  • Embarked on a capital campaign to increase the society's commitment to providing Missouri’s accounting programs with the resources they need, which includes complimentary educator dues, additional faculty scholars, and expanded scholarship opportunities.

If you have any questions about MOCPA's college and university initiatives, please contact Dena Hull at (800) 264-7966 or