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On-Site/Customized Learning

Does your organization have 10 or more employees who need the same type of training? MOCPA's on-site learning may be the ideal solution for you. Many of our courses can be tailored to bring to you in-house.

How It Works
Choose the date, program and location, and tell MOCPA your unique requirements. MOCPA will consult with you to design the course and provide instructors. The society has access to numerous instructors who can provide high-quality training on almost any topic.

MOCPA on-site learning benefits your organization by:

  • Supplying a focused presentation customized for your company's needs;
  • Providing a confidential learning environment;
  • Eliminating travel time and expenses for staff; and
  • Offering flexible pricing options.

Get Started Now!
For more information, please contact Dan Koontz at (800) 264-7966 or