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Mental Health for CPAs

AMOCPA is committed to helping members, firms and companies erase the stigma surrounding mental health in the accounting profession. By sharing informative webinars, articles, and resources focused on mental health and stress management, we hope to assist you in developing the best strategies for addressing these topics more comfortably in your work environment.

Webinars on Mental Health Topics


Upcoming Mental Health-Focused Webinars

Mental Health Series: Thrive Habits for Purpose-Driven Professionals 
What do Danica Patrick, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They understand self-care and healthy habits provide much needed energy for their ground-breaking work. Too often passionate leaders put in long hours, lots of brain work and “on” time to further the mission without making time to rest and allow the body and mind to rejuvenate. Consider the giving nature of our team in combination with the intensity certain seasons of the year bring, you have a recipe for burnout and exhaustion. There is hope. You can build energy and resilience through intentional habits. 
Register today (complimentary for MOCPA members):
September 22: 1 CPE Hour

Previous Mental Health-Focused Webinars

Positivity and Happiness in 2021 (Run time: 1 hour, Recorded Jan. 15, 2021)
In this one-hour webinar, attendees will: learn how to define positive psychology; 
discuss the benefits of positive psychology and happiness; and understand how to apply tips for practicing positive psychology and happiness.
To view the webinar, please click hereClick here to access the presentation slides
Please note: CPE credit is not available for this recording.

Transform Stress and Increase Resiliency (Run time: 1 hour, Recorded July 17, 2020)
Attendees learned how stress impacts health and well-being and explore the root causes of stress in their lives. They also had the opportunity to take action by learning the upside of stress and how to re-frame stressful situations, relaxation techniques to boost resiliency and how to incorporate mindfulness meditation into their routine. 
To view the webinar, please click hereClick here to access the presentation slides.
Please note: CPE credit is not available for this recording.

MilkShake Study – Abstract with a summary of the research: Click here.
Hotel Study – Research article with study information: Click here.
Counterclockwise Study – Ellen Langer authored this study and features it in her book: Click here.
For additional information, please click here.

Mental Health-Related Articles and Podcasts

Additional Resources

For a complete list of resources available, please visit the Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare by clicking here.