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Together Toward Tomorrow

What does your tomorrow hold? Perhaps it's conquering the CPA exam, expanding your client base, or navigating complex financial landscapes for your company. It could be shaping the minds of future accountants. Maybe it's nearing retirement from the profession you've dedicated yourself to. Whatever tomorrow brings, let MOCPA be your steadfast companion. Let’s go together toward tomorrow.

Why Join?

You want to thrive in your profession to best serve your clients. 
You want to guide your company through complex financial landscapes with support.
You want to obtain your CPA license and make a difference.
You want to ensure the accounting profession is secure by building the talent pipeline.

We understand your goals and we’re here to help.

Join the Missouri Society of CPAs (MOCPA) and grow your professional knowledge, establish a reliable peer network, and gain valuable leadership skills. As a professional organization with more than 9,000 members, MOCPA provides extensive resources for CPAs to advance their careers and enhance the quality of service to their companies and clients.

Membership Benefits

As a member, you gain access to the following opportunities and benefits.

  • Connectivity: Develop professional networks that will last a lifetime through regional chapters; niche-based committees and communities; discussion-based roundtables and online forums; a targeted career center; and exclusive social media connections.
  • News and Information: MOCPA keeps you informed in a rapidly changing profession through news and resources on; tailored biweekly e-newsletters; The ASSET bimonthly magazine; and the quick-read economic briefing, The Flagship Report.
  • Continuing Professional Education: MOCPA is the most comprehensive source for Missouri CPE needs, offering hundreds of high-quality courses annually, with discounted pricing for members; cost-saving learning bundles; customized on-site training options; online transcripts to track all of your CPE hours; and 20 hours of designated complimentary learning each year. 
  • Government Advocacy: MOCPA is protecting your profession with continual monitoring of legislation that impacts you and your business; proactive lobbying efforts to protect your interests; and opportunities to interact one-on-one with legislators.

To learn about these member benefits and more, please click here.

How Firms Benefit from MOCPA Membership
Show your commitment to both the profession and your team’s continuing success by becoming a MOCPA 100% Membership Organization. These organizations are committed to maintaining MOCPA membership for all qualifying staff. This entitles your organization to perks and provides a convenient employee benefit for your staff. Click here to read more.

For a sample letter to encourage your company to invest in your MOCPA membership, please click here.

If you have any questions about joining the society or member benefits, please contact MOCPA at (800) 264-7966 or

Membership Types and Rates

Membership in the Missouri Society of CPAs is renewable annually on July 1. Your first-year dues are prorated based on the date of your membership application, as indicated in the chart below. 


Date of Application

Category of Membership7/1-
Fellow Member
CPAs who hold a CPA certificate or license in any state, active or inactive.
Associate Member 
Non-CPA who does not hold a CPA certificate/license in any state and is a professional employee at a CPA firm, or an accounting professional in corporate accounting, finance, or government
Professional Leave/Non-Resident Member
CPAs who are currently not employed or retired, or CPAs whose work and home address are more than 50 miles from Missouri.
Accounting Educator Member
Full-time accounting educators receive complimentary membership in MOCPA.
Student Member
Students enrolled in college or high school with an interest in accounting receive complimentary membership in MOCPA. 

* Members who join between April 1 and June 30, 2024, will renew July 1, 2025. 

Membership Application

To get started, enter your email address to proceed to membership type selection.

Hint: If you’re unsure of the email associated with your MOCPA account, you can locate that address by referring to a recent email we’ve sent you.

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