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CFO Series: Employees Today and Tomorrow


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St. Louis and Online

8.00 Credits

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*Register for 2 or more of MOCPA's CFO Series programs in person or virtual and save up to $200! Use promo code: CFOSERIES24 at checkout to receive discount. 

The CFO Series provides a convenient, one-stop way for CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs, to an entire year of CPE with a single decision. Each day consists of a subject matter expert leading discussions about four different topics. The CFO Series features high-quality presentations and an interactive, executive level colleague-to-colleague approach with case studies, group discussions, and team exercises. 

Each topic and each day stand on its own. If you are not sure about making a multi-day commitment, sign up for just a single day. We think you will come back for more!

The war for talent is ongoing. We review four topics, concentrating on today’s employment realities, getting the most from your team, how to attract and retain talent, how utilizing the employment life cycle can deliver better performance, and how re-invigorating careers (yours and others) can make our professional role easier and deliver better financials. The cost of ‘mismanagement’ is huge, and we discuss tactics to help you and your colleagues improve. You and your team can do better, and we will discuss how?


Are Employees Assets? Today’s New Employment
• GAAP vs economic value of employees
• The changing landscape of work
- The need to change management tactics
• Different generations and demographics
- Understanding the differences
- What issues do they present?
- How do we improve our understanding?
• Employee engagement/assessment surveys and what they should tell us
• Successful tactics for today’s workforce

The ROI on Your People?  Maximizing Returns
• Dealing with people 
- Dealing with people issues the right way. 
• Conflict management issues
• How to truly empower your employees
• Organizational culture and how to be a part of positive change
• What are some of the ‘other’ employee issues that go unsaid?
- What does work/life balance mean today? What do employees want and care about now?
- What are their priorities?

Understand and Enhance the Employee Life Cycle
• Understanding the various stages of the employment life cycle
• Onboarding and orientation
- Best practices and examples
• What goes wrong with training, cross-training, and growth priorities?
• Are performance evaluations necessary?
• How to unleash your staffs’ hidden talents
• How to attract and retain talent in today’s environment
- What works? 

Re-invigorating Your Career: Planning Your Path
• What is a career as a professional and as a CPA?
• Changing technology, changes in required skills, and changing industries
- What are the possibilities? 
• Personal performance evaluations for your continuous growth
- What do you want to achieve? How and when?
• What is your brand, and do you need one?
• I am living longer; do I want to work longer?
• Following your career plan


Preferably at least six (6) months of professional financial statement analysis experience.

Designed For

Any professional interested in understanding that each career should be actively managed. Corporate Financial Leaders, Corporate Financial Managers, CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, Board members, advisors, and Consultants. CPAs in public practice and CPAs in industry. Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in the ever-changing workforce and business world. Also, those transitioning to the next stage and young professionals seeking to understand their colleagues.


1. Recognizing the numerous significant external factors and trends in today’s workplace. How we need to transform our management and leadership tactics to thrive in the next twenty years.

2. Understand how to look at the requirements of the modern-day CFO differently and how to be an effective leader in your organization.

3. To gain a deeper appreciation of the ‘employee life cycle’, and the value of effective on-boarding.

4. To explore best practices to keep your career path vibrant, ready for change, and prepared for new opportunities.





Tuesday, October 15

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This session is available to registrants and their guests

Non-Member Price $349.00

Member Price $289.00