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Performance Measurement Strategies

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1.00 Credits

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Clear vision to success

Learn how successful, sustainable organisations invest in creating vision and mission statements and clearly articulate their core values. Those statements support the strategic plan and related initiatives. The process of setting good targets, defining critical success factors (CSFs), and setting key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential to keeping an organisation focussed on actions that will drive successful implementation of the strategic plan.

Key topics

  • Financial measure
  • Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  • Non-financial measures
  • KPIs

Strength through measurements

Use case studies, exercises, and scenarios to learn to successfully implement strategy using KPIs and SWOT analysis in your business models and aligning with your goals.

This is a standalone course but if you're interested in more of this type of learning while earning a designation, explore the CGMAr Finance Leadership Program.


Key Topics

  • Performance measurement system
  • SWOT analysis


Strategy Formulation

Designed For

Who Will Benefit

  • Global accounting and finance professionals
  • Management accounting professionals
  • CPAs in public practice
  • Supply chain professionals


Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate corporate strategic performance through financial and non-financial measures, making use of appropriate performance measurement system.
  • Interpret a SWOT analysis based on the use of appropriate tools and techniques.

Non-Member Price $65.00

Member Price $55.00