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PFS Experienced CPA Education

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13.00 Credits

Member Price $435.00

Non-Member Price $560.00


Your Experienced CPA Pathway to the PFS credential starts here.

As an experienced CPA working with individuals and families, you engage with your clients on a wide variety of PFP topics - tax, retirement, estate, investment, and risk management planning, among others. This course will provide the framework to tie these conversations together and enhance your knowledge of personal financial planning.

Why take this course?

This course is the required education for the PFS credential's Experienced CPA Pathway. In addition, it will prepare you for the streamlined PFS Experienced CPA Assessment.

This course is one step forward as you deepen your client relationships, obtain the CPA/PFS credential, and provide your clients with the objective and trusted financial planning they expect from you as a CPA.

Program features

This enhanced on-demand format offers meaningful and relevant content in the form of tables, charts, and discussion points on slides. An instructor who is an expert on the topical area breaks down complex topics, offers best practices, provides clarity, and shares insights that help the learner achieve the learning objectives for the course. Completion of this course will result in a digital badge as well.

This series of courses includes:

  • PFP Standards and Responsibilities
  • PFP Regulatory Landscape and Fiduciary Practices
  • Personal Financial Planning Process
  • Cash Management Strategies
  • PFP in Practice - Putting It All Together, Part 1 and 2

If you are a CPA desiring to obtain the PFS credential and meet the longer experience requirement, the Experienced CPA Pathway provides an alternative pathway to meeting the exam and education requirements. See for details.



Designed For

Who Will Benefit

  • CPA with the additional experience needed to qualify for the PFS credential's Experienced CPA Pathway


Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the AICPA Code of Conduct Professional Conduct to financial planning engagements with clients.
  • Recall the regulatory exclusion that exempts an adviser from registering as an investment adviser.
  • Recognize the steps in the personal financial planning process.
  • Recognize a personal financial planning service.
  • Select the type of personal financial planning engagement which is most appropriate based on the case study's facts and circumstances.

Non-Member Price $560.00

Member Price $435.00