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Preparation, Compilation and Review Staff Essentials

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15.00 Credits

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Since you're in the business of PC&R

Preparation, compilation and review engagements are one of your core areas of practice. And because you do so many, they are not only your bread and butter, but are significant to your firm's reputation. So if you're going to do them, do them right.

Our preparation, compilation and review program (PCRE) gives you and your staff everything you need to perform these engagements efficiently and accurately.

SSARS compliance and best practices in one product

Get up to speed with current regulations relevant to SSARS No. 21-23*, plus learn best practices that will help you reduce time and effort spent on these engagements.

What you can expect

Reliable information, effective tactics and proven strategies. You'll find them presented through real-world examples, practice exercises and case studies. PCRE helps you ensure your firm's compliance and long-term success in this key area of practice.

Courses Included:

  • Introduction to Review Engagements
  • Performing a Review Engagement Part I
  • Performing a Review Engagement Part II
  • Reporting on Review Engagements
  • Introduction to Compilation Engagements
  • Performing a Compilation Engagement
  • Reporting on Compilation Engagements
  • Engagements to Prepare Financial Statements


Key Topics

  • Preparation, compilation, and review engagement fundamentals
  • Performing preparation, compilation, and review engagements
  • Reporting on compilation and review engagements, including illustrative reports
  • Special purpose frameworks
  • Recent SSARSs developments




Learning Outcomes

  • The performance requirements for preparation, compilation and review engagements
  • The reporting requirements associated with compilation and review engagements
  • The various financial reporting frameworks used in the preparation of financial statements

Non-Member Price $540.00

Member Price $430.00