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Individual Damages Concepts and Calculations - Part 1 and 2

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5.50 Credits

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This CPE course can be purchased individually or as part of the Specialized Forensic Accounting Certificate.

Forensic accountants who calculate damages for individuals need to apply jurisdictional standards and guiding principles to what can be an emotional subject for the parties involved. Through narration by an industry subject matter expert and practical scenario-based exercises, this CPE course describes the types of damages an individual may experience and the scenarios in which damages are usually awarded. Each module contextualizes individual damages and the considerations used to calculate these damages.

Enhanced On-Demand Format

This enhanced on-demand format offers meaningful and relevant content in the form of tables, charts, and discussion points on slides. An instructor who is an expert on the topical area breaks down complex topics, offers best practices, provides clarity, and shares insights that help the learner achieve the learning objectives for the course.


Part 1:

  • Recognize the context and types of matters where individual damages arise.
  • Identify and apply the jurisdictional standards and guiding principles applicable to calculating damages involving individuals.
  • Calculate lost earnings and lost fringe benefits.

Part 2:

  • Calculate damages involving individuals by applying the various considerations a practitioner may use to calculate individual damages.


Key Topics

  • Context and type of damages
  • Considerations in calculating economic damages
  • Federal, state, and local jurisdictional standards
  • Guiding principles
  • Mitigation
  • Lost earnings and fringe benefits


Foundational knowledge of forensic accounting

Non-Member Price $155.00

Member Price $125.00