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Bankruptcy - Part 1 and Part 2

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5.00 Credits

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This CPE course can be purchased individually or as part of the Specialized Forensic Accounting Certificate.

Bankruptcy can manifest in diverse ways, and forensic accountants can play distinct roles in bankruptcy engagements. The role can vary depending on the client. Forensic accountants need to know how to apply the specific laws and deadlines set by the bankruptcy court and IRS. Through narration by an industry subject matter expert and practical scenario exercises, this CPE course describes the types of bankruptcies and key reorganization concepts. Each module contextualizes bankruptcy, with financial projection, valuation, and insolvency factors.

Enhanced On-Demand Format

This enhanced on-demand format offers meaningful and relevant content in the form of tables, charts, and discussion points on slides. An instructor who is an expert on the topical area breaks down complex topics, offers best practices, provides clarity, and shares insights that help the learner achieve the learning objectives for the course.

Part 2

  • Apply key concepts related to financial projection and valuation issues encountered in bankruptcy cases.
  • Identify and address insolvency indicators and risks.
  • Recall and compare key reorganization concepts and their impact on an engagement.


Key Topics

  • Overview of bankruptcy
  • Types of bankruptcies
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Deadlines
  • Forms
  • Reorganizations
  • Disclosure statement
  • Claims
  • Financial projections
  • Avoidance or recovery actions
  • Solvency
  • Valuation


Foundational knowledge of forensic accounting



Part 1

  • Differentiate between the different types of bankruptcies.
  • Determine the different roles of a forensic accountant in bankruptcy engagements.
  • Determine how the role of a forensic accountant may differ depending on the client.
  • Determine the applicability of specific laws and deadlines set by the bankruptcy court and the IRS, including recent developments related thereto.
  • Identify and use the various financial forms that may need to be completed in a bankruptcy engagement.

Non-Member Price $155.00

Member Price $125.00