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Advanced Controller and CFO Skills

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8.00 Credits

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Are you vital to your company’s profitability? This self-study course examines best practices of leading-edge controllers and CFOs. In this course, you will learn ten specific skills every CFO or controller needs to be profitable, so you can add value and contribute to the success of your organization.


? Isolate the critical skills and attitudes to be effective in the future ? Become an effective coach ? Development of measurable missions and strategies ? Aligning a firm’s strategies with its internal reporting system ? Selling ideas and generating “buy-in” from others ? Recognition of and response to the need for constant change and adaptation ? Developing a tailored action plan suitable to specific needs

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Controllers CFOs


? Identify the 10 critical skills that add value to your company and boost your career. ? Align your personal goals with the organization’s mission and improve your skills in five key areas needed for success. ? Know how to become a powerful agent for positive change and an advocate and coach for your team. ? Be the leader that the firm needs you to be


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Non-Member Price $195.00

Member Price $155.00