MOCPA Membership Application

Auxiliary Member      Auxiliary Members have never held a CPA license or certificate in any state and are employed by a member CPA and perform the duties of the types performed by a Fellow member. The total 2018-19 amount is $199.
Fellow Member Fellow Members are CPAs who hold a CPA certificate or license, active or inactive. The total 2018-19 amount is $399 plus a $35 application fee. Click here for a prorated dues schedule.
Professional Leave/
Non-Resident Member
Professional Leave/Non-Member Resident Members are CPAs who are currently not employed or retired. Non-Resident members are CPAs whose work and home address are more than 50 miles from Missouri. The total 2018-19 amount is $199 plus a $35 application fee. Click here for a prorated dues schedule.
CPA Exam Candidate Member CPA Exam Candidate Members are individuals who are working toward passing the CPA Exam, but are no longer a student, and have not purchased the ethics exam. CPA Exam Candidate membership is complimentary for three years, or until the purchase of the ethics exam, passing of the CPA Exam, or attaining CPA licensure. Click here to apply for CPA exam candidate membership.
Accounting Educator Member Full-time accounting educators receive complimentary membership in the MOCPA.  Click here to apply for educator membership.

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STUDENTS: if you are applying as a student this should be your permanent address.

If not living in the U.S.A., choose foreign address from state drop down, and enter province, country, postal code in the Foreign Address box.

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To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained herein is true and correct. By completing this application, I hereby represent to the MOCPA that I will be bound by the Society's Bylaws and Code of Professional Conduct.