Transformational Technology Conference - A Virtual Event


8.5 Credits


The technology landscape is constantly changing for accounting, financial, and other business professionals and it has never been more critical than it is today. From emerging applications to practical implementation, you need to stay up to speed on the latest trends affecting your work. Join us for this one-day conference where our industry experts will provide comprehensive updates on the current state of technology, its impact on business and the essential details you need to navigate your next steps.

What you’ll learn:
• How activities like fraud prevention, corruption detection, transaction processing, reporting and more are changing
• How the profession must adapt and when
• How to distinguish major hardware and software trends and identify their importance as it relates to purchasing these assets
• How to identify where to wisely invest in new technology, and what to avoid
• How the future looks for auditors and their processes
• How to reduce the impact of a ransomware event

Designed For

Anyone looking to become familiar with this rapidly evolving technology.


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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Agenda Includes:

     Randy Johnston, Chairman and CEO, K2 Enterprises, NGMI

You know where technology has been, but where is it headed? What technologies are coming that would be useful to you and to your company? You've heard about 5G, WiFi6, and collaboration, but what products work to make this practical? This session has the breadth, depth, and recommendations to help you understand what is in the market and what is working so that you can make informed decisions.

     Brian Sommer, President, TechVentive, Inc.

Join technology industry analyst Brian Sommer as he steps through the impacts new technologies will have on every line of the P&L and the accounting profession overall. Advanced technologies (e.g., machine learning), big data and more will change what we do, how it’s done and the value accounting professionals will deliver to their employers/clients. See how Silicon Valley will impact you!

     David Barton, Chief Technology Officer, Hire Wire Networks

Ransomware is a current threat to everyone.  We see it in the nightly news on a regular basis.  Why can’t we stop it?  Where did it come from and how long has it been here.  More importantly – how do we protect our data and environments from these data kidnappers?  Join us as we explore these topics and more.

   David Cieslak, Chief Cloud Officer and EVP, RKL eSolutions

The year 2020 was unlike any other - requiring each of us to quickly pivot and transform virtually all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Working from home, video meetings and the elimination of business travel became the "new normal" in just a few day's times. But these significant changes also presented tremendous opportunity for innovation and digital transformation. Join Inspector Gadget has he examines the latest technology and products supporting these rapid changes and explore what is next. Technology has never been more critical and impactful than it is today. Make certain you have the essential details you need to navigate your next steps.

    Allison Leonard, CPA, Senior Manager, Audit Analytics, Deloitte

The audit profession is in an unprecedented time of transformation and expected to change more in the next five years than it has over the past 50 years. Many firms are transforming the audit by using advanced technologies to pinpoint audit risks, while simultaneously enhancing quality, delivering insights and streamlining the audit process for their clients and practitioners.  What does that mean for the future of auditors?  What will field practitioners look like in five, ten, fifteen years?  Based on my experience, the answer may surprise you - and be far less scary than you may think!

   Dr. Sean Stein-Smith, DBA, CPA, Professor, Lehman College

This session will touch on recent accounting, tax, and policy updates as they connect to the blockchain and cryptoasset sector. Specific for the accounting audience in attendance there will be a breakdown of proposed accounting guidance, a review of IRS updates and pronouncements related to crypto tax issues, and an analysis of how pending and enacted legislation could influence the cryptoasset sector moving forward. Additionally, the fundamental steps necessary to construct and enact a crypto payment strategy will be presented, including FAQs and key steps that need to be taken into account as a part of this analysis/process. Lastly there will be an examination and discussion of the array of cryptoassets that exist in the marketplace, including a focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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