State Legislative Issues


The 100th Missouri General Assembly adjourned its Regular Session on May 18, 2018.

During each legislative session, MOCPA and its lobbyists monitor legislation that can have an impact on the profession, your firm or company, and your clients.

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The following are MOCPA high-priority bills that have been signed into law:

  • HB 1250Sponsor: Plocher (R-89); Dixon (R-30)—Establishes the Missouri Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, which allows fiduciaries to access electronic records of the account holder.
  • HB 1446Sponsor: Eggleston (R-2); Sater (R-29)—Modifies provisions relating to non-election successions in certain political subdivisions.
  • HB 1465Sponsor: Cookson (R-153); Wasson (R-20)—Modifies various provisions relating to degree offerings at public institutions of higher education.
  • HB 1500Sponsor: Dogan (R-98); Koenig (R-15)—Modifies provisions relating to the practice of cosmetology and barbering.
  • HB 1503Sponsor: Dohrman (R-51); Hoskins (R-21) Establishes a fund for providing state-guaranteed small business loans to veterans.
  • HB 1719Sponsor: Grier (R-100); Riddle (R-10)—Specifies that an oversight body shall not deny a person 18 years of age or older a license on the basis of age.
  • HB 1796Sponsor: Ruth (R-114); Rowden (R-19)—Establishes the First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Act and authorizes a tax deduction for contributions to a savings account dedicated to buying a first home.
  • HB 1831Sponsor: Ruth (R-114); Wieland (R-22)—Changes the laws regarding the sales tax holiday that occurs in early August by adding an exemption for disposable diapers.
  • HB 1858Sponsor: Christofanelli (R-105); Eigel (R-23)—Requires the Department of Revenue to feature a map of all special taxing districts on its website.
  • HB 1879Sponsor: Fraker (R-137); Cunningham (R-33)—Changes the laws regarding financial transactions by public entities.
  • SB 573Sponsor: Wallingford (R-27); Davis (R-162)—Modifies several provisions relating to the armed services.
  • SB 581Sponsor: Libla (R-25); Cross (R-35)—Repeals provisions requiring a landlord to keep security deposits in a trust and authorizes the right to a trial de novo in rent and possession actions.
  • SB 590Sponsor: Hegeman (R-12); Rehder (R-148)—Modifies the Historic Preservation Tax Credit.
  • SB 593Sponsor: Wieland (R-22); Shull (R-16)—Enacts provisions relating to financial solvency of insurance companies.
  • SB 629Sponsor: Wasson (R-20); Rehder (R-148)—Modifies provisions relating to tax increment financing.
  • SB 768Sponsor: Hoskins (R-21); Berry (R-38)—Allows telephone companies to select an alternate method of property tax assessment.
  • SB 802Sponsor: Nasheed (D-5); Evans (R-99)—Modifies provisions relating to women's and minority business enterprises.
  • SB 806Sponsor: Crawford (R-28); Neely (R-8)—Modifies various provisions regarding guardianship and conservator proceedings.
  • SB 843Sponsor: Riddle (R-10); Ross (R-142)—Modifies the composition, duties or repeals outright certain administrative boards, commissions, and councils.
  • SB 882Sponsor: Hoskins (R-21); Bernskoetter (R-59)—Modifies provisions of the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program.
  • SB 884Sponsor: Koenig (R-15); Wiemann (R-103)—Modifies provisions relating to taxation.

The following are MOCPA high-priority bills that have been truly agreed to and finally passed. They will be either be signed, vetoed, or allowed to become law between now and July 14:

  • HB 1288Sponsor: Engler (R-116); Dixon (R-30)—Extends the sunset for the Champion for Children Tax Credit and modifies provisions of a tax credit for donations to maternity homes.
  • HB 2540Sponsor: Haahr (R-134); Eigel (R-23)—Changes the laws regarding the collection of state moneys.
  • SB 608Sponsor: Hoskins (R-21); Rhoads (R-154)—Modifies provisions regarding sovereign immunity and the liability of property owners when criminal conduct occurs on the property.
  • SB 644Sponsor: Cunningham (R-33); Brattin (R-55)—Creates new provisions relating to unclaimed property.
  • SB 769Sponsor: Cunningham (R-33); Fraker (R-137)—Modifies provisions relating to financial transactions by public entities.
  • SB 773Sponsor: Hoskins (R-21); Swan (R-147)—Modifies provisions relating to taxation.
  • SB 807Sponsor: Wasson (R-20); Lichtenegger (R-146)—Modifies provisions relating to higher education.
  • SB 894Sponsor: Libla (R-25); Fitzwater (R-49)—Establishes a statewide STEM career awareness program and enacts new provisions of law related to computer science.
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