Missouri State-Specific Ethics: A Plain English Guide (Self Study)


2.0 Credits

This is the self-study version of the Missouri State-Specific Regulatory Ethics course. Upon purchase you will receive a PDF of the materials for review and then will be instructed to go online and complete a short exam.

In a world of increasing complexity, the last thing CPAs need to worry about is obtaining or renewing licenses and permits with regulators. Yet, it can be challenging to find and understand the requirements to keep your license or firm humming along so you can focus on client and business work. Compliance-related issues are not fun, but the basics should be understood by all CPAs.

To that end, MOCPA is proud to bring you a new version of the popular Missouri State-Specific Regulatory Ethics course that was introduced in 2019. If you missed this course last year or need to keep up with Missouri regulatory changes to your CPA license, CPA firm permit, CPA exam eligibility changes, AICPA Code of Professional Conduct discussion and more, this plain English course is for you.

This program has been developed and edited by members of MOCPA’s Professional Ethics Committee and has been reviewed by members of the Missouri State Board of Accountancy.

For additional details, please visit mocpa.org/ethics or contact Andrew Grow at agrow@mocpa.org or (800) 264-7966, ext. 120.

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