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Surgent's The Role of the Whistle-Blower On-Demand Webcast

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2.00 Credits

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Whistle-blowers play an important role in fraud detection and prevention. This course will review historical financial whistle-blowers and they role they play in organizations, as well as explore whistle-blower myths. It includes a conversation with a whistle-blower and a former FBI agent.

This is the last of five 2-hour courses in Surgent’s Fraud Certificate Program. This program includes a combination of lectures, animated videos, and live interviews with white-collar offenders and whistle-blowers. Each course is designed to be engaging and informative and will enhance your understanding of fraud.


  • Understanding whistle-blowing
  • When should you blow the whistle?
  • Types of whistle-blower channels
  • The whistle-blower's dilemma
  • Successful whistle-blower letters
  • When is whistle-blowing unethical?
  • Laws to protect whistle-blowers
  • Ten whistle-blowing myths



Designed For

Professionals who want to better understand the role of whistle-blowers in preventing fraud


  • Recognize the importance of whistle-blowers in fraud detection and prevention
  • Understand the challenges and dilemmas faced by whistle-blowers




On-Demand Webcast

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $89.00