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Alternative Costing Methods I

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1.50 Credits

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This CPE course includes an in-depth examination of three costing methods, joint product costing, throughput accounting, and environmental costing. The course examines environmental management accounting, including the importance of environmental management, and the effect on financial performance. Management is often unaware of the extent of environmental costs and cannot identify opportunities for cost savings. This course explores identifying and accounting for environmental costs, including classification of environmental costs, and input/output analysis. In addition, there are illustrations throughout this course for each type of costing method to help with the application of these methods.


? Joint product costing ? Throughput accounting ? Maximizing throughput ? Environmental management accounting ? Identifying and accounting for environmental costs

Designed For

Management accountants wanting to develop skills in financial performance management CGMA exam candidates


? Identify methods of allocating joint costs to final products. ? Apply throughput accounting methods. ? Recognize the role of environmental costing as part of an environmental management system.


Audio, Slides, some Interactive elements

Non-Member Price $65.00

Member Price $55.00