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Advanced Income Tax Accounting

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Understand the increasingly complex rules governing income tax accounting with active scenarios and practical exercises that guide you on how to address these rules.

Learn specifics you can use to apply FASB ASC 740, and learn about the impact IFRS has had on accounting for income taxes as well as dealing with other accounting standards in conjunction with FASB ASC 740.

Learn intra-entity transfer of assets other than inventory; classification of deferred taxes; and improvements to employee share-based payment accounting - all updated for ASUs issued in 2019 and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.


? FASB ASC 740 ? Comparison of FASB ASC 740 to IAS 12 ? Intra-period tax allocation ? Business combinations ? Stock based compensation

Designed For

Tax Staff Training, Level 4 training gives your managers and directors the tools they will need to offer existing clients additional services. Those with approximately 5 years of tax compliance experience


? Apply the complex rules of ASC 740 (SFAS No. 109 and FIN 48) to new and challenging situations. ? Identify the similarities and differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS with deferred tax implications. ? Apply ASC 740 to state and local income tax complexities. ? Determine the applicable tax rate for complex situations. ? Schedule temporary differences in various complex situations. ? Apply ASC 740 to changes in tax laws or rates, accounting methods, tax status, and interim periods. ? Apply ASC 740 to ASC 805, Business Combinations, and ASC 810, and non-controlling Interests in Consolidated Financial Statements. ? Apply intraperiod tax allocation with a five-step approach for more complex situations. ? Apply ASC 740 to stock-based compensation issues. ? Compute the valuation allowance considering items that reduce the need for an allowance.


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Non-Member Price $249.00

Member Price $199.00