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Finance Transformation: Transform Skills Certificate

Available Until Friday, June 30, 2023


16.00 Credits

Member Price $409.00

Non-Member Price $515.00


With changing business models and financial needs, it is more important than ever for finance teams to transform and drive value for their organizations. As a result, CFOs now need to understand their evolving roles as well as the skills and competencies their teams will require to navigate this transformation.

Gain insight into the skills and competencies required in the finance value chain of the future with the Transform Skills Certificate. Understand the changing role of the CFO and the skills you need to adapt to the emerging role of finance. Consider the competencies that underpin these skills, and why and how they are relevant to your business environment today.


The changing role of the CFO Competencies and skills that will be required in the future How to increase your proficiency for core competencies of the future

Designed For

CFO’s Controllers Finance leaders Finance managers Finance team members


Recognize the skills that will be affected by changes to the future of finance Identify each skill and how to engage these skills on the job Recall why each skill is important and potential ways of acquiring these new skills Recognize how to apply competencies to your own work and build multidisciplinary teams that work cross functionally


Audio, Video, Interactive Elements

Non-Member Price $515.00

Member Price $409.00