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COSO Internal Control Certificate

Available Until Friday, June 30, 2023


16.50 Credits

Member Price $1,229.00

Non-Member Price $1,535.00


Designing and implementing a quality system of internal control can be challenging. Adapting to rapidly changing business models and emerging technologies require a sound system of internal control-and those who manage them-to be agile.

The COSO Internal Control Certificate will develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring a system of internal control.

Apply COSO concepts to several real-world scenarios in this course to learn how to add value to your own organization through improved operations, reporting and compliance.

Enhance your knowledge of the IC framework

Obtain a brief overview of the framework and then delve deeper into the details of how to assess internal control by principle. The variety of situations provided will help you apply the framework, as well as ignite thought into how they might relate to your organization. In the final module, you will see how it all comes together by assessing a system of internal control for an organization in a case study.


Categories of objectives achieved by internal control Components of internal control Principles and points of focus Roles and responsibilities Limitations of internal control

Designed For

Accounting and finance professionals dealing with systems of internal control.


Assess a system of internal control. Apply key points related to the principles-based approach. Recognize ways to identify, assess and respond to risks in your organization. Identify areas for improvement based on the results of assessing internal control.


Voiceover Powerpoint, Audio

Non-Member Price $1,535.00

Member Price $1,229.00