Outstanding Diversity Advancement

SMartin-web portrait
Stephanie Martin
Senior Manager | CBIZ MHM LLC

This award honors the contributions of CPAs who are working to promote diversity and inclusion within the CPA profession, encouraging students and incoming professionals of diverse backgrounds to pursue the CPA designation, and actively assisting in the retention and career advancement of diverse professionals.

Throughout her career, Stephanie Martin has played a large part in workplace improvements.  She has helped develop processes that ensure the right associate is matched with the right responsibilities for work/life balance and optimized career growth. At the national level, Stephanie was selected to train onboarding associates, further positioning her as a key mentor to the next generation of CBIZ associates. As a lead group member of the CBIZ Women’s Advantage Board, Stephanie works to help women in the profession advance through learning opportunities, mentoring, business development and community outreach.

Stephanie demonstrates the same dedication to the community as an ambassador for the Mid-America Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MAGLCC). She was selected to sit on the initial team for the MAGLCC Ambassador program. Stephanie is also heavily involved with the Good Samaritan Project, serving as board treasurer, and consistently works to strengthen the agency’s overall strategic plan of providing inclusive health and wellness services to individuals affected by HIV and those in LGBTQ communities.

Stephanie is viewed as a true role model in both the professional and charitable world. Her commitment to empowering others and fostering a more inclusive environment at work and in the community provides a path for others to follow.