Mental Health for CPAs

MOCPA is committed to helping members, firms and companies erase the stigma surrounding mental health in the accounting profession. By sharing informative webinars, articles, and resources focused on mental health and stress management, we hope to assist you in developing the best strategies for addressing these topics more comfortably in your work environment.

Complimentary Webinars on Mental Health

Transform Stress and Increase Resiliency
Provided by the MARSH & McLENNAN Agency
Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how stress impacts health and well-being and explore the root causes of stress in their lives. They’ll also have the opportunity to take action by learning the upside of stress and how to re-frame stressful situations, relaxation techniques to boost resiliency and how to incorporate mindfulness meditation into their routine.
Karla Sohre, Health Management Consultant, MMA 

Date: Friday, July 17
Time: 10 – 11 a.m.
Location: Online
CPE Credit: 1 hour
Cost: Complimentary for MOCPA members

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Mental Health: Reducing the Stigma
(Run time: 1 Hour; Recorded May 6, 2020)
Provided by the MARSH & McLENNAN Agency
Overview: This webinar will include information on prevalence of stress and mental health in the workplace, signs and symptoms of the most common mental health diagnoses, what you can do to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health, and tools and resources for mental health, self-care, and resiliency.
Speaker: Erika Tollefson, Health Management Consultant, MMA Minneapolis

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Please note: CPE credit is not available for this webinar.

Mindful Eating at Home (Run time: 1 Hour; Recorded May 20, 2020)
Provided by the MARSH & McLENNAN Agency
Overview: Stress eating, overconsumption and turning to less healthy comfort food during times of worry, uncertainty and strong emotions (not to mention suddenly working 10 steps from your kitchen!) has the potential to start affecting mental and physical health in the long run. MMA’s Registered Dietitian will share with attendees evidence-based strategies for eating more mindfully during periods of stress and everyday life to support healthy weight, overall health and to get back to enjoying food again. Attendees will also get some pointers on stocking their kitchen with healthy ingredients for meals that can be stretched a bit further when trips to the grocery store are less frequent!
Speaker: Jill Verchota Luce, MPH, RDN, LD, Health Management Consultant, MMA Minneapolis

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Please note: CPE credit is not available for this webinar.

Mental Health-Related Articles

Depression and the CPA
No matter where you work, there is a good chance that depression is right in front of you: in yourself, a colleague, a friend, or a client. Mental illness is common. In the United States, per the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2017 nearly 20 percent  of adults lived with a mental illness, 7.1 percent of adults had at least one major depressive episode, and suicide was the 10th-leading cause of death. However, challenges associated with mental illness can be overcome with the right help, says the Journal of Accountancy.
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Tackling the Stigma of Mental Health in the Accountancy Profession
Whilst the issue of mental health encompasses a complex and often ‘taboo’ subject within the workplace, World Mental Health day offers an opportunity for professionals to open up around the issue. As such, accountancy firms are now increasingly adopting new measures to raise awareness in the workplace, notes Accountancy Age.
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Being An Agent Of Change For Workplace Mental Health
One way to break down an organization’s workplace mental health journey is to consider four key areas: leadership, access to services, awareness, and culture. Influencing leadership often requires a relatively high-ranking position in an organization.  However, any individual interested in being a “change agent” can focus their efforts in the categories of awareness and culture. Forbes shares strategies and resources that can amplify your voice and drive change.
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For a complete list of resources available, please visit the Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare by clicking here.