MOCPA Bylaws

In late 2019, MOCPA’s Board of Directors appointed a Bylaws Revisions Task Force to review the agreement with members and recommend updates that keep the document strategic, nimble, and in line with current practices. The task force identified three key areas to address--associate membership, life membership, and officer vacancies—and the society shared an initial proposal with the membership asking for your feedback. Though members were supportive of most of the proposed changes, many had concerns with the changes to Life Membership. Therefore, in response to your feedback, we are removing the proposed revisions to the Life Membership category. We received several alternative suggestions that we will further research and bring to you at a later date.

Submit Your Vote

Please click here to submit your vote by Friday, July 24.

Proposed revisions:

For the amendments to be successful, at least 5 percent of members must vote, and of those voting, at least two-thirds must approve. While this voting process may come at a busy time for some members in light of the extended tax deadlines, the reasoning for this timing is that MOCPA’s fiscal year starts on July 1, and some of these changes need to be voted on near that date.

If you have questions regarding the proposed revisions, please contact Dena Hull at (800) 264-7966 or

Thank you in advance for your support, input, and vote!