State Legislative Issues


The 100th Missouri General Assembly adjourned on May 17, 2019.

During each legislative session, MOCPA and its lobbyists monitor legislation that can have an impact on the profession, your firm or company, and your clients.

Please click here to view the high priority bills MOCPA monitored this session. 

The following are MOCPA high-priority bills that passed and were signed by Governor Parson:

  • HB 220Sponsor: Andrews (R-1); Emery (R-31)—Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of property involved in producing wind energy
  • SB 1Sponsor: Curls (D-9); Smith (R-163)—Modifies provisions relating to criminal offenders
  • SB 7Sponsor: Emery (R-31); Kolkmeyer (R-53)—Modifies provisions of civil procedure regarding joinder and venue
  • SB 68Sponsor: Hough (R-30); Wiemann (R-103)—Modifies provisions relating to workforce development
  • SB 87Sponsor: Wallingford (R-27); Swan (R-147)—Modifies provisions relating to taxation
  • SB 90Sponsor: Libla (R-25); Andrews (R-1)—Modifies various provisions relating to employment security
  • SB 138Sponsor: Riddle (R-10); Fitzwater (R-49)—Creates new provisions relating to reports issued by the State Auditor
  • SB 174Sponsor: Crawford (R-28); Shaul (R-113)—Modifies provisions relating to taxation
  • SB 179Sponsor: Cunningham (R-33); Bondon (R-56)—Modifies filing requirements for certain banks and financial institutions
  • SB 182Sponsor: Cierpiot (R-8); Coleman (R-32)—Modifies provisions regarding tax incentives for businesses that relocated to certain counties on the Missouri-Kansas border
  • SB 224Sponsor: Luetkemeyer (R-34); Schroer (R-107)—Modifies various Supreme Court Rules relating to discovery
  • SB 230Sponsor: Crawford (R-28); Knight (R-129)—Modifies provisions relating to venue in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings
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