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  • Per Diem Rates Issued for 2014–2015 Travel Expensess
    The IRS issued its annual updates of per diem rates for use in substantiating certain business expenses taxpayers incur when traveling away from home. The updated rates are effective Oct. 1, reports the Journal of Accountancy.
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  • IRS Compiles ACA Resources for Tax Professionals
    The IRS has created an Affordable Care Act information center to help tax professionals assist their individual, business and payroll clients. Find answers to frequently asked questions, and watch for new information to be added in the weeks ahead.
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  • Help Shape the Future of the CPA Exam
    The AICPA is seeking input on potential changes to the CPA exam to ensure the continued relevance of the exam to the profession and to the public. Review the proposed exam outline and submit your comments by Dec. 2.
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  • How Can You Determine if ‘Best’ Practices Are Best?
    Following accepted best practices is usually a good idea, but sometimes it's anything but, notes Find out why you should take a closer look at your company's procedures.
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  • Learn the Keys to Employee Retention
    Many companies are ill-prepared to face talent retention challenges, reports CGMA Magazine. Employees often perceive limited opportunities for career advancement with their current employers and lack confidence in their organizations’ leadership.
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