CPAs in Government Virtual Thinktank 06.18.21


6.0 Credits

In the business world today, CPAs working for governmental agencies, school districts, public utilities, and similar entities are increasingly being asked to consult as strategists. As a CPA, your expertise brings a dynamic voice to business decisionmaking for your organization and the public sector. This CPAs in Government Thinktank is designed to ensure that CPAs working in governmental roles are on the cutting edge of business issues, through peer and guided discussion groups.

This event is similar to the MOCPA CPAs in Government Networking Roundtable program, but deeper in scope. The 6 hour event allows participants to explore a series of topics; in one focused, small-group setting. Participants will be encouraged to read a selection of professional articles related to event topics. As with all roundtable events, the session will be lightly moderated, but largely driven by you...the participant! If you have never attended an event like this, they are collaborative in nature, and participants are encouraged to engage in selected discussion topics by sharing your own expertise, insights, and experiences.

Topics center around key issues for managing and leading internal finance, control, strategy, crafting public policy, working with stakeholder groups, working across agencies, and other critical roles. Full agenda TBD.

Make sure that you are up to speed with current trends on these topics, network with your statewide peers, and help your organization navigate the complex business world today.

You will receive 6 hours of high-quality, MOSBA approved CPE for members at $99 and if you are not yet a MOCPA member, for $129.  For questions about this big event, please contact Andrew Grow at or 314-392-5820.

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