Legislation & Government Advocacy Committee

Committee Mission

To assist in the formulation of society legislative policy and carry out the policies and activities in this area as authorized by the Board of Directors.

Continuing Activities

  • Review, suggest revisions, recommend or oppose legislation directly or indirectly, within the policies of and concurrence by the Board of Directors, as deemed necessary in the best interest of the public and therefore the best interest of the profession.
  • Acquaint legislators with the profession’s standards and the meaning of the CPA designation as compared with others in the profession.
  • Stay current with all new legislation involving professional accounting, auditing, and reporting to make certain that it is in the public interest.
  • Use The ASSET and chapter meetings to encourage members’ interest in government, legislators, and the legislative process.
  • Encourage member contributions to the Committee for Political Action (PAC).
  • Oversee the staff’s efforts to identify one member of the profession to serve as the principal liaison with each legislator, in accordance with the intent of the Keyperson Program.
  • Participate in the AICPA-sponsored meeting of state society Legislation Committee chairs as directed by the MOCPA President, and report to the Board of Directors and the committee.
  • Recommend legislators as speakers for chapter programs.
  • Advise the PAC and recommend support for legislators whose outlook and position on legislative issues is similar to the profession’s.
  • Prepare and seek legislative sponsors for bills suggested by any MOCPA committee and approved by the Board of Directors; follow the legislation through the General Assembly to ensure the integrity of the Missouri Society’s position.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding possible amendments to Missouri accountancy statutes (Chapter 326 RSMo). Prepare legislation and seek sponsors.
  • Review amendments to Chapter 326 RSMo proposed by the State Board of Accountancy, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. If amendments are supported by Society, assist the State Board in finding sponsors, and help get bills passed.
  • Oversee the staff’s annual update, review, and dissemination of the Legislator’s Tax Guide to General Assembly members.
  • Promote and implement “CPA Days” in the state capital during each legislative session.
  • Cooperate with the AICPA in considering national legislative objectives and, as appropriate, make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

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