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  • How Can You Determine if ‘Best’ Practices Are Best?
    Following accepted best practices is usually a good idea, but sometimes it's anything but, notes Find out why you should take a closer look at your company's procedures.
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  • Study Highlights Corporate Compliance Issues
    Regulatory compliance, risk management and cost-cutting are big heartburn issues for finance execs in the C-suite. Yet financial planning and analysis—a key antacid—is insufficient, notes AccountingWEB.
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  • Learn the Keys to Employee Retention
    Many companies are ill-prepared to face talent retention challenges, reports CGMA Magazine. Employees often perceive limited opportunities for career advancement with their current employers and lack confidence in their organizations’ leadership.
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  • Revenue Recognition: Start Planning Now
    The implementation date for the new revenue recognition standard is more than two years away, but the Journal of Accountancy warns that companies may need to consider what the standard means for them much sooner in order to choose the appropriate transition method.
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