The Flagship Report

The Flagship Report is a quick-read update and analysis of the news that may affect you and your business.

It is prepared for the Missouri Society of CPAs by Keith Prather and Dr. Chris Kuehl, managing directors for Armada Corporate Intelligence. 

Dr. Chris Kuehl
You may have seen--or heard--Dr. Kuehl on Kansas City radio or television. He has been featured on CNN and is a frequent commentator and analyst for both KMBZ radio and Channel 41. He was a professor of international finance and economics for 15 years, teaching in Estonia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hungary, and the United States. He's conducted business in 37 countries and has been involved in corporate intelligence for a wide range of companies--from Fortune 200 to local Kansas City-based manufacturers. Armada Corporate Intelligence conducts detailed analysis and assessment of the business environment and competitive landscape in order to provide strategic and tactical guidance. The aim is to provide actionable intelligence that can drive overall corporate profit maximization, return on investment, market expansion and penetration, niche defenses, and so on.

Keith Prather
During his tenure as Armada's primary strategist, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies on everything from merger and acquisition strategy to key account management, strategic planning and corporate marketing efforts. He has pioneered the concept of the Continuous Situation Analysis that companies use in a fast-paced, aggressive modern business environment. He has also developed a number of proprietary analytical tools that have been used by companies of all sizes. These include tools designed to position a company in its competitive market, forecasting of competitive movements in an industry sector, identification of the impact of competitive scenarios, and strategic optioning for high-level corporate strategy. He has worked with teams to understand supply chain and strategic business activities in key account programs with companies in the Fortune 100. Keith has an MBA with a focused thesis on Corporate Intelligence. He is a former Chief Financial Officer and has an extensive background in data analysis.

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