Please click here to see the Missouri Department of Revenue’s FAQ on S Corporations.

Need to contact the Missouri Department of Revenue regarding Pass Through Entity Taxes?
Please note: While the above link to the DOR's FAQs provides some general information on how to handle issues, there are likely to be much more detailed questions that will come up as CPAs process returns. The DOR has agreed to set up a dedicated communication platform for this topic. If you have specific questions on how to handle the pass through entity tax from another state on a Missouri return you can send an email to the following: with “Pass through entity taxes” in the subject line.

Please use this only for this specific topic. Questions related to other tax matters should be submitted through normal means.

Helpful links:

State and Local Tax Advocacy Resources from the AICPA.
Main St. Employers, a grass roots organization, working on legislation regarding SALT Parity.
Filed Senate bill, SB 1154 This act establishes the "SALT Parity Act."