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  • Seven Things Potential Clients Want from Your Website
    All too often accountant websites are not used to their potential, asserts AccountingWEB. In the current environment it has become imperative that your site is not only informative but is able to have features and content that can help bring in a potential client.
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  • Build in a Risk Management Strategy
    The International Federation of Accountants has issued a new publication offering advice to help companies manage risk as an integral part of managing their organization.
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  • Make It OK for Employees to Challenge Your Ideas
    Leaders often fail to seek information that makes them uncomfortable or fail to engage with individuals who challenge them. As a result, the Harvard Business Review asserts, they miss the opportunity to transform insights at the edge of a company into valuable actions at the core.
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  • Hate Your Financial System Less
    As indispensable as financials systems are to companies, many of the people who work with them simply hate them. shares three key thoughts for avoiding common implementation mistakes.
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  • Learn about the latest insurance benefits available to you and your company through the MSCPA.

  • Jack Surgent discusses the 2015 proposed federal budget and how it relates to individual tax proposals.

  • MSCPA member and Kansas City Chiefs' CFO Dan Crumb explains how he puts his CGMA skill set into action.

  • One question, five answers: Why is it a good time to be a CPA?