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  • MSCPA is Hiring!
    Do you want to work for the premier professional association dedicated to advancing CPAs in Missouri? Find out about current job openings.
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  • AICPA Sues IRS over Voluntary Program for Tax Preparers
    The AICPA has filed a federal lawsuit against the IRS challenging the legality of the IRS’s plans for voluntary continuing education and testing of tax preparers, reports Accounting Today.
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  • Describe Your Life as a CPA--In Six Words
    Participate in the next ASSET Member Q&A by describing the story of your professional journey in only six words!  It can be done—be fun; creative; serious; whatever it takes. Please submit your response by August 4.
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  • Think Like a CFO at All Levels
    Kimberly-Clark's finance chief wants every employee in his 1,600-person accounting team to think like a CFO. Find out what he sees as the power of this mindset, courtesy of
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  • New IRS Rules Place Limits on Tax Refund Direct Deposits
    Starting in January 2015, the IRS will limit the number of refunds that are electronically deposited into a single financial account or pre-paid debit card to three to help crack down on fraud and identity theft, according to AccountingWEB.
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  • IRS Issues New Final Circular 230 Regulations
    The IRS has issued final regulations that modify the standards governing written advice. As a result, the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility is asking practitioners to stop using Circular 230 disclaimers that say the disclaimer is required.
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  • One question, five answers: Why do you choose to serve on an MSCPA committee?

  • Learn about customized insurance benefit options available to you and your company through MSCPA.

  • MSCPA member and Kansas City Chiefs' CFO Dan Crumb explains how he puts his CGMA skill set into action.

  • One question, five answers: Why is it a good time to be a CPA?

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