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  • GASB Considers Closer Monitoring of Tax Revenue Lost to Development Subsidies
    GASB is considering a proposal that would require governmental entities to publish an annual accounting of the tax revenue lost to economic development subsidies. MSCPA government relations consultant Chuck Pierce comments on the proposal in this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article.
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  • Utilize Guidance on Revised Repair Regs
    The AICPA has compiled resources regarding the IRS tangible property regulations that went into effect in 2014, in order to assist CPAs in understanding the implementation and reporting requirements involved.
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  • IRS Signals 2015 PPACA Compliance Issues
    The IRS has made several updates to the Internal Revenue Manual that provide insight on the notices and enforcement methods the Service will use next tax season to ensure taxpayers comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, reports the Journal of Accountancy.
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  • What Are the Biggest Issues Facing the Profession?
    Accounting Today asked some of the most influential people in accounting to explain what they think is the most important issue currently facing the profession. See their answers--thought-provoking, insightful, and sometimes controversial.
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  • Help Shape the Future of the CPA Exam
    The AICPA is seeking input on potential changes to the CPA exam to ensure the continued relevance of the exam to the profession and to the public. Review the proposed exam outline and submit your comments by Dec. 2.
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  • One question, five answers: Why do you choose to serve on an MSCPA committee?

  • Learn about customized insurance benefit options available to you and your company through MSCPA.

  • MSCPA member and Kansas City Chiefs' CFO Dan Crumb explains how he puts his CGMA skill set into action.

  • One question, five answers: Why is it a good time to be a CPA?

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The Week of Oct 19
20 The New Controllership: Keys to Boosting Corporate Performance
21 Closing Best Practices - Shortening Month End Webcast
21 Financial Statement Analysis: Basis for Management Advice
21 2014 Year End Tax Planning Webcast
21 Clients for Life: Retain Your Top Clients to Maximize Business Growth Webcast
21 Fraud Alert - How Fraud Can Impact You Webcast!
21 Working with the Alternative Minimum Tax Webcast
21 Google is Not Enough For Accountants: The Best Search Tools You Aren't Using Webcast
22 Personal Financial Planning Conference (PFP-14)
22 Controls, Risks and Financial Reporting Webcast
22 Capitalized Costs and Depreciation: Key Issues and Answers
22 My Swiss Bank is About to Do What?
22 How Will You Handle the New Revenue Recognition Standard Webcast?
22 MS Office 2013 - What's New Webcast
22 Hedging Risks of Foreign Operations and Currency Transactions Webcast
22 What’s New in A & A Webcast?
22 Cloud Computing Update Webcast
22 Cancellation of Debt for Individuals and Businesses
22 Google Business Tools for Accountants Webcast
23 Business & Industry Conference (BI-KC-14)
23 CPAs: 10 Accountants Behaving Badly Webcast
23 Accounting & Auditing Conference - St. Louis (AAC-14)
23 Small Business Internal Control, Security and Fraud Prevention and Detection Webcast
23 Audit Workpapers: Documenting Field Work
23 Solving the Choice of Entity Riddle: Key Tax and Business Implications
23 The Digital Office - Cloud Based Client Accounting Systems Webcast
23 Accountancy Laws, Ethics, Taxes and Financial Reporting Review - Ethics Webcast
23 Cash and Credit Management Webcast
23 Live Video Interview with Gov't Fraud Expert Dennis Dycus Webcast (Yellowbook)
23 Working With Your Quick Books Clients Webcast
23 Audit Workpapers: Reviewing Field Work Documentation
23 Tax Consequences & Reporting Issues of LLCs, LLPs, LPs & Other Partnerships
23 The Digital Office - Infrastructure and the Cloud Webcast
24 Strategies to Avoid the Top 10 Legal Mistakes Companies Make Webcast
24 Passive Activities and Rental Real Estate Income Tax Issues Webcast
24 Alternatives to GAAP - Using Special Purpose Frameworks
24 Business & Industry Conference (BI-SL-14)
24 CPAs: When We ARE the Headlines Webcast
24 Accounting and Auditing Conference Webcast
24 FIN 48: Accounting for Uncertain Tax Positions (ASC Topic 740.10) Webcast
24 The Digital Office - The CPA Technology Toolkit Webcast
24 Fraud: 2014 Alert for Small and Mid-Sized Entities Webcast
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